In a closed meeting in Detroit recently, the Feds pledged to give poor old bankrupt Detroit $300 million !!

But do not think for a minute that this is another bailout. Oh no, think of this as more of a “stimulus” payment. However, I cannot for the moment think what they may be stimulating. The ol’ motor city is a bit of ghost town. The once proud city is now vacant. Most of the auto industry, after they collected the last round of “stimulus”, packed up and moved overseas.

So, this appears to be another example of government waste. Throw money at it and hope the problem goes away. But the real issue is, however, that this has been done before. And when the checks arrived, the corrupt politicians in Detroit, from the Mayor on down, used the money to further their own agenda, and the money never made it to what it was allocated for. So now the city is in Bankruptcy. And while Washington debates on the budget with the looming government shutdown, it is decided to throw another $300 million at this “problem”.  Another wheel attached to the Socialist machine.

My family budget is in dire straits as well. And bankruptcy looms just ahead for me and mine. Where is my “stimulus” check?  I guess a little guy like me is not that important. But then again, if money were to be thrown at me, wouldn’t this further lead into Socialistic terrority?

So I guess I shall continue to press ahead. And if need be, file my bankruptcy. Perhaps a bankruptcy case could be construed as my “stimulus”.  It would definitely help, that’s for sure.

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