Thank you so much, Tammy, for the outstanding assistance from you and from the team! I appreciate you all for your caring assistance through this difficult process. You all helped make this process less overwhelming and were there for me every step of the way. Thank you all so much!

We wanted to thank your Firm for all of your efforts and countless hours you put in to take our case to the finish, Thanks…God Bless all of you!!!


“We’re grateful to your firm for all of the countless hours working on our case. We couldn’t do it without your team. We wanted to thank you, and may God bless all of you!!!!”

“Very professional, but more important… it was stress-free! I highly recommend them! ”

J. Johnson

“I would like to thank everybody for all the help you gave me and my wife through this difficult time. You guys are really very professional, courteous, very patient, and very pleasant to talk to and you guys really know what you are doing. You are really there to help your clients. I’m so glad I chose WINTERBOTHAM to help us through this difficult time. Thanks and God bless.”

“I would like to thank you and all winterbotham personnel for helping me and my wife through this difficult time.. you guys are really very professional and very patient. you guys really know what you are doing. you are really there to help your clients. tammy and sandy texted me that our case is on track for a successful discharge. thank you so much. God bless.”

“Excelente bufete de abogados. Me han hecho dos Bancarrotas. La primera por Andrés Reyes y todo muy bien con un buen cierre. La segunda paralegal Jeff woodfin muy atento informa todo a tiempo con un alto sentido de responsabilidad. la abogada Sundee Teemple fue muy importante por que todo el tiempo supervisa los casos, habla contigo antes de cualquier cita y eso te prepara para estar listo ante cualquier duda o anticipar problemas. por último la Tammy, sin ella no hubiera podido avanzar siempre ayudándome en TODO primer encuentro, citas, traducciones y hacer todo muy fácil ella es de verdad sensacional. Búscala no te arrepentirás.”

Gracias a todos Altanebte recomendados saludos

A.F. – Riverside, California

“Don’t fuss and don’t cuss. For all your bankruptcy needs call Winterbotham Parham Teeple at 1-800-400-9000. Try the best to get the best. They helped me and I know they will help you too. Call now!”
J. Floyd

“Agradezco todo su profesionalismo y honestidad que me brindaron durante mi banca rota y también quiero agradecer muy en especial a Señorita Santiago por todo su apoyo y soporte en todo momento con esa gran atención y profesionalismo, así como el poderme comunicarme en mi propio idioma ( español) pues eso me ayudo a tener mucha confianza. Y los recomiendo Gracias.”
José Vazquez

“After my family’s business failed and finding myself facing the need to file bankruptcy, I sought the help of Winterbotham Parham Teeple. My bankruptcy was very large, complicated and involved another family member. I am thankful I fell into the hands of the most capable and solid professionals. You are calm, thorough, and thoughtful, and quickly got my case materials organized and processed. You solved many a mystery when there were missing documents, making sure everything was in order. Filing for bankruptcy was a hard decision, and my self-esteem plummeted, but no matter how many times I dumped my frustrations on you, you listened patiently. You always took my comments and input seriously and treated me with respect. I will be forever grateful to you, as you have been able to help me get through what has been one of the most difficult periods of my life.”
L.A., Van Nuys, California

“Thank you so much for your time on Saturday. I know, it’s your job . . . but you made me feel very comfortable, in a very uncomfortable situation. The relief I feel is indescribable – I’ve been juggling so much trying to make ends meet the past few years, it had just worn me down. I never thought of taking this course of action, until my father-in-law suggested it. And to know my creditors will get paid eventually is so much better than just walking away from it all.”
R.R., Mission Viejo, California

“I want to thank you and all the hands behind the seen for being the most friendly group of people helping me through this hard time”.
M.R.M., Irvine, California

“With this I would like to thank your law office for a wonderful job done. On my first visit to your office I was so scared and nervous, my heart was beating faster than a bullet train, I could hardly breathe. Thanks for having your staff that you do. They interviewed me and are the most wonderful to talk to. I was advised that everything would be o.k. and they made me feel relaxed and at ease. They said “just relax and feel free to tell me all that you have on your mind, I’m here to help you and get this thing off of your chest”. There is no other people who can take their place. I give them the highest merits they deserve.
E.V., Valencia, California

“Your office has been working with us for the last year on our Chapter 13 plan. They are always friendly and caring, and never seem rushed, even though we know you are extremely busy. They are ready to help with any problems that arise and are not looking for excuses but find solutions. Our phone calls are always returned in a timely manner and to any questions we have, you have answers. We really appreciate having a caring and compassionate firm working on our case. Going through a bankruptcy is hard enough, but having people like your staff to handle the case puts a little silver lining to the long five years ahead. We appreciate you and want you to know that.”
C.P., Highland, California

“I didn’t want to wait another day before expressing my appreciation for the excellent work and quality of effort I received from your representatives. When I expressed a concern to your office, they immediately got to work on my behalf and took action to address my concerns. I spoke to your office on 3 different occasions yesterday and faxed pertinent documents to you validating our defense to the creditor. An immediate e-mail was composed by your staff to the creditor outlining a factual account of the problem with their submission for payment. After your staff took charge of my case, they immediately got to work on the matter and took the appropriate and necessary action toward getting this matter resolved. I really wanted quick action to be taken on my behalf, and in that regard, I would be remiss if I did not bring to your attention the professional and timely assistance I received. You have outstanding representatives in your office. Sincerely,”
R.P., Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for getting our plan confirmed. We are glad to be through that part of this ordeal. We certainly expected you and your staff to be professional. We never expected though the caring, concern and kindness you personally showed to us. Any close personal friend could not have looked after our best interests any more than you. We wish you further success in all your business endeavors. We pray for your continuing good health. Love and Thanks,”
C.R., Los Angeles, California

“I just wanted to take a moment to say: “YOU ARE AWESOME!!”. Since you came along our experience with disaster has gone to bliss. You are professional, attentive, and so friendly. We truly appreciate all that you have done to help and explain things, encourage me and so forth! I also wanted to add that our Court attorney was amazingly nice and nothing of the attorney stigma : ) It went smoothly yesterday and all together was a great experience from an unfortunate event. I hope that your life is full of blessings this year. Again, thank you so very, very much for everything.” Much Appreciation,
M.C., Lancaster, California

“Yesterday went as smooth as silk! Watching the other attorneys, debtors . . . wow! Was I thankful for your firm and Sundee for being timely, up-to-date and knowing what the heck was going on . . .! Thanks so very much.
R.F., Irvine, California

“Thanks for taking what I have always considered the worst event a person could go through into an enjoyable experience due to your kindness and leveraging your position to the max by totally impressing the commissioner and making it a pleasant atmosphere and relieving me of $36,000.00 in debt. (how’s that for a compound sentence? : ) Your fan,
J.K., Fountain Valley, California

“Thank you for all of your kind words. I seriously cannot begin to tell you what I’ve been coping with this past year! Plus having this stressful bankruptcy hanging over my head! I can tell you I thought it would kill me to do this as I had never paid a bill late and was always organized and prepared, but too many health issues became a priority in my life, hence causing me such a mess up! I do realize how serious this all is and how much I wanted this to go well. Thank you so much for your part and for having a heart while working so very hard for me. Thank you again.”
N.C., Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for your time and guidance. I look forward to meeting you again. I have already recommended you to a friend who is going through some difficult times with her business and would refer anyone to you. I was very impressed with your professional help and your kindness. You inspire trust, which is one of the most important qualities we look for in these difficult situations.”
L.A., Whittier, California

“I have really appreciated your help and just hope that I can return the kindness. I feel that you make the extra effort and want you to know that I am thankful for the help”.
L.C., Fawnskin, California

“Thank you for all the things that you did for me. The phone calls, the glasses of water, and for being a wonderful person. P.S. Please thank the handsome attorney who came with me to Court”.
E.S., Woodland Hills, California

“I am very happy you worked so quickly. Thank you for your help and I am very relieved to be waiting for my discharge.”
S., Huntington Beach, California

“Thanks for all you have done for us in these difficult times for J. and I. Wish we didn’t know you in that respect but in a personal way, glad you came into our lives.”
T.J., Aliso Viejo, California

“You are doing an outstanding job and make my job very easy. I really appreciate it.”
Chapter 7 Trustee, Santa Ana, California

“On behalf of my husband and I, we would like to thank you as well as everyone else at your company that helped us with our bankruptcy. You guys made everything go so smoothly. I have recommended other persons to you guys. Thank you again so much. We thank God it’s done and over with.”
M.P., Fullerton, California

“A Note to thank you for your help in representing me at my recent Bankruptcy court Hearing on January 15th. Yes, I was very nervous, but you put me at ease with your comforting words that “everything’s going to be ok” and it was. Thanks Again.”
P.M. Laguna Woods, California

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you did. On a personal note, just want to thank you so much for all your help.”
D.D., Laguna Hills, California

“I would like to say “thank you” for all your work to get my recent Chapter 7 discharge through the process. I appreciate all your efforts during this difficult period (and I mean this jokingly), I hope I have no further need of your services in the near future : ). Gods love is clearly shining through the kindness of good people like you.
C.B., Newport Beach, California

“I am writing this letter to thank you for your time and good advice. I really appreciated that you were kind and helpful and answered all my questions. Once again, thank you very much and have a good day.”
S.M., Orange, California

“Thank you for all of your help. You were there for us through this crazy time. You put up with a lot with me but always helped me. Thank you always.”

S.O., Huntington Beach, California

“How does one say Thank You for wiping out $35,780.00 in debt? Hope you enjoy the cookies (chocolate, course). Many Thanks to you all.
J.J. Santa Ana, California

“I want to thank everyone who helped me in filing my bankruptcy. I really appreciate all the hard work involved.”
R.P., Laguna Niguel, California

“Much thanks to Sundee and your staff. Best wishes throughout the year.”
C.H., Brea, California

“Here’s giving you a world of thanks for all you have done for me and my family.”

S.J., Cerritos, California

“I got my discharge letter! Thank you and your staff for your help.” : )
S.P., Tustin, California

“There are no words to explain how much I can thank you and appreciate the wonderful job you did for me. You made me feel so relaxed and at ease. I am appreciative of you and want you to know what a wonderful person you are.” Sincerely,
E.M., Van Nuys, California

“We wanted to thank you for helping us. We didn’t get a chance to properly thank you. All the best.”
J.L., Phelan, California

“You sincere kindness and direction on our case has been incredible. You are awesome at what you do and very intelligent and up front and we like that.”

D.A., Corona Hills, California

“Just wanted to thank you. All of the data that you have presented me with has helped me tremendously.”
B.B., Riverside, California

“I am very grateful. It is refreshing to know that there are people out there who really do care. I offer my sincere appreciation.”
P.Y., Victorville, California

“Hello, My Chapter 7 was discharged, thank you. You were so caring and great through the process as you and I went through it! I have referred a few more people your way and I know you will take good care of them. As always, thank you for all your care, I will miss your presence and great aura, a grateful client, god bless you and yours,”
D.G., Pasadena, California

“I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude in the manner your attorney handled my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was extremely professional, thorough and meticulous on all accounts. In my opinion, he is definitely a great asset. Once again, I give my deepest thanks to him and your company for helping me in my financial crisis. Respectfully,”
C.H., San Gabriel, California

“With sincere gratitude for your kindness. Thank you for actually caring.”
C.F., Los Angeles, California

“I want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and help. Thanks for representing me. You are highly recommendable. Thank You.”
L.Z., Downey, California

“You really made a difference. Thank you for your help on my case and I hope you have a great year. Thank you again.”
R.S., Montebello, California

“Thank you again for all of your help. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to you. I’m so happy and relieved to have all this behind me and start all over. Again, thank you and have a nice day.”
J.L., Los Angeles, California

“I received my discharge. Thank You to all the staff who helped me. Thank you all so much for helping me on my Bankruptcy.”
S.B., Buena Park, California

“I must admit I knew nothing about bankruptcy when I went to your office and was very apprehensive to come in, but your attorney was very friendly and informative and I appreciate that.”
S.D., Huntington Beach, California

“We opened the mail on Saturday and we are officialy bankrupt. Yahoo! Seriously though I want to thank you for guiding us through the process. I am very happy we found you and your help and compassion was excellent. It really wasn’t as horrible as we thought it was going to be. I’m sure it was because we picked the right firm and especially the right person to take us through and that would be you. Once again thank you for giving us a new life.”
F.B., Corona, California

“I would like to thank your wonderful staff for representing me during a most difficult time. I was going through a very painful time with the loss of my mother and I also had to find a new place to live and with creditors around, I had to locate a lawyer to help me put my finances in order. Who would have known that I would find my apartment and legal representation in the Penny Saver. Your patience and caring made a huge difference. After remembering all that you told me, at my hearing with the trustee I was prepared and not nervous at all. Your firm allowed me to pay what I could to retain your services. It took some time, but I did it. Your staff followed up with me at every turn. This allowed me peace of mind and kept me on top of everything. With the recent refunds I received from the collection agency handling the garnishment, money being held by the sheriff’s department, and the Auditor Controller and receiving my payroll checks in full, I had enough money to purchase an engine for my car and to cover the repair costs. Again, thanks to all of you for your caring and professionalism.”
C.M., Cerritos, California

“From the first phone call to your office, we have been treated with dignity and respect. You have been helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. This is a very difficult time, but you have helped us get through all of it in a kind, loving way. In this economy we will be sharing your office with many of our friends and family who need you. Sincerely,”
B & D, Victorville, California

“Just a short note to thank your firm for all of the kind assistance with my 13 and now 7, these past 2 years. The staff who helped me was very professional, very intelligent, and very quick. . . . Sincerely,”
A.D., Riverside, California

I really appreciate all of the prompt help in getting our case filed before the end of the month, just like you said you would! Nice to find someone in this work who does what they say they are going to do!! Have a great day.
M.S., Santa Clarita, California

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